5 Things We Love About The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life WAV

The Wheelchair Accessible Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life is practical, stylish and reliable, making it a forever favourite for many people.

The design and features ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all passengers. From its iconic shape to the safety systems, here are five things we love about the Volkswagen Caddy.

Easy ramp access

caddy back

The lightweight manual ramp makes it easy for the wheelchair user to access the vehicle from the rear and has an optional fold-flat design to transform the back of the vehicle into a practical boot space when the wheelchair user is not travelling.

Great safety features

The Volkswagen Caddy gives drivers and passengers peace of mind on every journey. It features great safety technology, including Autonomous Emergency Braking, Anti-Lock Braking and Front Assist, as well as original manufacturer seats with ISOFix and four-point wheelchair securing with a three-point inertia seatbelt for the wheelchair user to ensure everybody onboard has the safest of journeys.

Room for 5 passengers

inside caddy

Allowing room for up to 5 seated passengers, plus a wheelchair user, the Caddy Maxi is a perfect choice for families. The side sliding doors enable easy access for passengers to get in and out of the Caddy.  The middle row of seats can also be adjusted, either being split, folded or completely removed to accommodate all needs.  

Iconic shape

caddy outside

Boasting an iconic style, the beauty of the VW Caddy is the unique silhouette which gives a more car-like feel to the vehicle. It’s sleek, sophisticated and slim-lined, creating an impressive WAV that isn’t going to feel bulky to drive. There’s also a great choice of colours to choose from to allow owners to drive away in a WAV that matches their personal taste.

Boasts economy

Available with a petrol or diesel engine, another great thing about the Volkswagen Caddy is that it boasts a great economy. With fantastic Miles Per Gallon (MPG), ranging from 39.2 - 51.4mpg, it means the Volkswagen Caddy comes with great benefits, including lower fuel costs and cheaper maintenance.

These are only 5 reasons why we love the Caddy, but there are many more reasons why it is such a great choice for a WAV. It’s full of fantastic features as standard including air conditioning, alloy wheels and rear speakers and boasts practicality and comfort to create the best driving experience for everyone.

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